Montag, 24. Juni 2013

Libyan Arab Airlines B722 5A-DIA

Copyright Photo: Libyan Arab Airlines Boeing 727-2L5 5A-DIA (cn 21050) (Peter Schneider, ZRH  19. April 1982)

5A-DIA was destroyed on approach to Tripoli, operating flight LN 1103 from Benghazi on Dec. 22. 1992, killing all 157  on board. It was the day after the 4. anniversary  of the PA 103 bombing in Lockerbie, Dec. 21. 1988. The accident was officially blamed on a mid-air collision with a Libyan MIG Fighter Jet. However, after the fall of Muammar Ghaddafi, victims relatives blame the former regime and believe, flight 1103 was deliberately destroyed. They are convinced, that Ghaddafi  wanted to blow up the aircraft over the mediterranean sea, so he could accuse the US Navy of a revenge attack for Lokerbie….